Fishing and the locations where fishing occur are of fundamental cultural importance to the St'at'imc. While the Fraser is the major river system in the northern portion of St'at'imc territory, smaller river systems include the Bridge, Seton, Yalakom, Cayoosh and Portage. Fish species include four species of pacific salmon (sockeye, Chinook, coho and pink), steelhead, bull trout, white sturgeon, rainbow trout, kokanee, gwen7is, white fish, suckers, dolly varden, brown trout and brook trout. Fish protection areas are designed to protect fish streams and the high intensity of St'at'imc cultural uses associated with these and adjacent areas. The first 50 metres on either side of all fish streams is a full protection area that coincides with St'at'imc Water Protection Areas. It can be expected that many essential riparian functions such as bank integrity, litterfall (nutrient input), coarse woody debris recruitment, moderation of sediment yield, and stream temperature moderation will be maintained by retaining the forest within one site potential tree height of the stream. In addition, based on St'at'imc traditional use information, a cultural fish protection area extending one kilometre on either side of all fish streams has been established. This is also a full protection area.
"Fish have always been a staple sustenance to the St'at'imc, providing food throughout the year. Historically, fish have been a source of trade. We chose this land because of its rich abundance of fish." Larry Casper