There are two key aspects of general habitat protection areas, which are full protection areas. First, given the relative scarcity of old forest remaining in St'at'imc territory, particularly in areas large enough to protect forest-interior condition, all remaining old growth in the northern portion of St'at'imc territory has been placed in St'at'imc General Habitat Protection Areas. In addition, the preliminary phase of a St'at'imc ecosystem representation analysis has been completed. Ecosystems that are naturally rare in the northern portion of St'at'imc territory (less than 1% of the area) and remnants of ecosystems that have been heavily impacted (less than 50% remaining in the northern portion of St'at'imc territory) have been placed in General Habitat Protection Areas.

"Old growth is important because it contains the spirit of our ancestors and the history of the St'at'imc. Old growth tells the age beyond time of our people. Old growth tells the time of some of our experiences within St'at'imc territory." Rosalin Sam, Lil'wat7u'l